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Genesis: Brokku
« on: October 29, 2013, 06:15:33 pm »

Brokku is the home planet of Tahvinns. The planet was 1 year old before the Tahvinn appeared. It is originally believed by them that Brokku was created by one and unique God they call Vaa Nunn. The earliest known human life is recorded at -780SVNP(SiVaa Nunn Prrsta)(Before Vaan Nunn Returns). It is known that three other planets predate Brokku without counting what they call "Vaa Nunnsa kuun"(World of Vaa Nunn)


There is only one known continents on Brokku, this one is divided in three: SiVaa for the eastern part, Munnsa for the western and Mahvell the northern part. Between the SiVaa and Munnsa lies the Kuhnintaa(1). Most of the Tahvinns live in this ocean, Brokku's underwater landscape offering perfect plates to live. Brokku have an impressive panel of climates, SiVaa is full of vegetation, a giant jungle, arid and dry, temperatures varying between 35 and 70C (95 to 158), while Munnsa is terribly cold giant moutain, varying between -80C and -42C (-112 to -44F). Mahvell is rocky and filled with valleys, rock building bridges above the water. The water is particularly cold: 2C (35F), but it is not a problem for Tahvinns. SiVaa is thin, more like a big Island, and Munnsa is a huge mountain of snow. The first city is built in the ocean between SiVaa and Munnsa.
Brokku is really big, it covers 40x40 miles. 

1) (The Deep offering): It is the only ocean of Brokku. Munnsa has a large number of caves in the cold mountain of KiVaa.


Vaa Nunn, by his hands, drew the landscapes, and the Kuhnintaa. After he created animals, insects and greens, and formed the continent. At the end of his creation, he created the first Tahvinn before going back to his world: Vaa Nunnsa kuun. Vaa Nunn let them the Vaa Nunnsa turmaa (Tahvinns' Bible) written on a stone, giving to the first Tahvinn named Ravinnse the ability of reading the stone to learn about him and life. Born in the water, Ravinnse survived with the help of god and created life from the tree of life by the power of Vaa Nunn. The player's story begins in -730 as the firsts Tahvinns on Brokku, born from the Tree of life by Ravinnse.

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