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Genesis: the Birth
« on: October 26, 2013, 11:12:50 am »
Genesis is a Chronological MMORPG fully controlled by players. Each of them will be in charge of populating 4 planets and to make crucial choices for the good of their civilization.

Genesis is definitely based on social interaction between players, and surprisingly, there is no combat in the Game. Indeed, experience earned by each player is based on interactions with others and the choices he makes for his civilization. With a really deep system of social classes your choices might lead you to be a leader, a king or even the god of your planet.
Each planet have its own race and story, and the moment the first player arrives on a planet, the world-clock starts, starting the whole story of the planet. Genesis is based on real time (a year in game equals to a day IRL) and every players on a planet will be a part of the story this gigantic story.

Each planet have its own race and story, and the moment the first player arrives on a planet, the world-clock starts, starting the whole story of the planet. Genesis is based on real time (a year in game equals to a day IRL) and every players on a planet will be a part of the story this gigantic story.

There are four civilizations in the game, one per planet and each of them have special characteristics: intelligence, temperature resistance, lifespan and adaptation skills. All of these parameters will determine the future of the civilization.

Character's hunger, thirst, knowledge, endurance, mood, temperature effect and social life, are directly controllable and represented as gauges that the player will have to take care to keep it's character in a good shape. A deep system of relationship between players has been elaborated offering advantages for players. Wearing warm clothes or light clothes have a huge impact on temperature effect, forging relationships with other players will affect your social life... 

We turned the idea of "Emotes" in another use. They replace competences and spells, and allows a completely new way of interacting with the world. From now on, you don't interact by clicking on an NPC, but by using the emote "Hi!" while targeting him. You don't click on a button to open the trading panel, but you activate the emote "Merchandising" while targeting a character. Or if you use an offensive emote toward other players, it has an impact on your relationship with him.

Life and adaptation:

With time and innovations comes new possibilities of life. Each civilization will have the possibility to live on the ground, underwater and for the final step: in SPACE, when the four planets are gathered. Thus players can build underwater cities for races that can adapt to that kind of life environment, or spacial cities! 

Housing in Genesis is huge and allows players to own a large panel of house kind, from really poor to extremely luxury houses. In-game taxes are monthly, and at the same time, it helps the planet to live.Time and innovations also brings new technologies and new transportation. From carriage axes to spacial flights passing by rail-way axes.

Social Classes:

There are a lot of social classes that player can unlock for Influence points and money and require a certain amount of experience to pretend to them. Each social class, depending on its social strength, allows different type of advantage, from lowering prices to become the leader of the whole planet, it allows players to pretend to different type of job.Jobs are really important in Genesis, they are services players can give to their planet by doing a large amount of task, from picking resources to rule a city, every player is important. And a system of Quest will give more challenge and exciting events.

Epic Quests:

This is also one of the most exciting system in Genesis. Indeed, epic quests are the biggest historical events of a planet, a moment where every player will have to make a huge choice for the good of their planet. They are extremely long and dangerous journeys, but rewards are huge.
When does an epic quest starts?
Well, from the moment the world-clock is on, the whole time line is written, thus, all events are already planned to a specific time after the world-clock was activated.

Leadership system:

With a well thought voting system, players will be in charge of electing a leader each month for their planet, and this leader is in charge of the economy and innovations of the world. With a system equivalent to Civilization's, the leader decides which innovation to create, having a deep impact on the future of their civilization. He is also in charge of building the cities using the resources of the world.

Death in Genesis:

Players can die in the game even if it is made to be rare. We wanted death to be a really big thing and not a punishment, as important as it is in our world. Even if we are not gonna say everything, death is just the beginning of a new adventure for players. No one can know what there is after the death and we want it to be the same in Genesis... And it is extremely BIG!

This game has the ambition of being commercialized. It is also the opportunity to show our passion and to create Genesis studio a professional game studio. Everything is now ready to start the development of the game itself and to enlarge the development team. A really ambitious project needs really talented people, that's why we are currently looking for really motivated people to join this big adventure.

Open jobs:

Concept Artist
UI/2D Artist
3D Artist
3D Animator
Level Designer
FX Artist

Every job is paid with a percentage of the game's benefice.

We are aware that the project needs a financial support to arrive to its end, and after months of brainstorming, we arrived to the decision to start an IndieGoGo campaign to finance a part of the project when everything is ready for that.

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