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C'est quoi la suite? / Re: Semaine du 25 au 1er Decembre
« on: November 30, 2013, 07:12:44 am »
Concernant le leveling, sur indieDB se trouve un article à ce propos, tout y est éxpliqué mais cependant en anglais, nous nous occuperons de la traduction le plus vite possible.

Speak about you. / Speak about you!
« on: November 25, 2013, 05:21:13 pm »
Hi everyone,

The community is really important for us, you guys are the one who support us in every meaning of the word, and will support us until the project releases!

We are always glad to learn about people who are following us.

This section is for you to speak about yourselves, to share what you like and what you do in life...


What's next? / Week 1: November 25th to December 1st
« on: November 25, 2013, 05:17:29 pm »
Here it is,

Opening of the votes of this week!

What do you want to know about the game this week? It's now your job to tell us!

What's next? / What's next?
« on: November 25, 2013, 05:16:03 pm »
Hi folks,

This section is made for votes! Yes, you are the ones who decide what the next news is gonna be about, and this for every weeks. To do so, it is easy: every week a topic is gonna be created, and free to you to tell us what you guys want to learn about the Genesis during this week! You say, we do!

Simple, you are the kings.

C'est quoi la suite? / Semaine du 25 au 1er Decembre
« on: November 25, 2013, 05:10:46 pm »

Ouverture des votes pour cette semaine.

Que voulez-vous savoir sur le jeu cette semaine? C'est à vous de nous le dire ici!

C'est quoi la suite? / C'est quoi la suite?
« on: November 25, 2013, 05:09:12 pm »

Cette section est réservé pour les votes! Oui, c'est vous qui allez décider de ce dont va parler chaque news toute les semaines. Et pour cela c'est très simple, toutes les semaines va être créer un topic, et libre à vous de laisser vos attentes, et en fonction de ce que souhaite le plus notre communauté, nous dévoilerons nos informations sur ce sujet!

C'est tout bête, c'est vous les rois!

Parlez nous de vous! / Parlez nous de vous!
« on: November 25, 2013, 04:04:51 pm »
Bonjour à tous,

La communauté est très importante pour nous, c'est elle qui nous soutient dans tous les sens du terme, et qui nous soutiendra jusqu'au bout...

Nous sommes toujours ravis d'en apprendre plus sur ceux qui nous suivent!

Toute cette section est destiné à vous présenter, nous faire partager ce que vous aimez et ce que vous faites dans la vie... Tout simplement savoir qui vous êtes  ;)

Merci à tous!

News / Ouverture du Forum Français
« on: November 25, 2013, 03:23:56 pm »
Salut amis français,

Le forum dans votre langue est désormais ouvert, nous essayerons de le mettre à jour le plus souvent possible. En attendant, bienvenue!

News / Re: The team is growing!
« on: November 16, 2013, 07:11:57 am »
Soon, we are showing the firsts concept arts made by our team with a new article.

News / Genesis: Emotes and Relationships
« on: November 01, 2013, 01:31:32 pm »
Emotes and relationships:


In Genesis, we wanted to make the players as close as possible, and we found a really interesting system called: Relationship system.

First of all, let me introduce you the system of Health gauges.

Health Gauges:

Health gauges are gauges that tell about multiple factors of your character's feelings and state. As you can have in The Sims, they tell about your: Hunger, Thirst, Temperature, Endurance, Social life But also your character's Mood and Knowledge.

Theses gauges are calculated from 100 to 0, a full one means that the state is good, while an empty one means that this aspect of your character is in a really bad shape.
Some Health gauges have sub-gauges: The Social gauge have as a sub-gauge, the relationship gauge.

Social gauge:

The social gauge reflect your character's need of interacting with people (players or NPCs). As the others, this gauge goes from 100 to 0 and is going down by 0.75 per minute. Further more, it has an impact on the mood gauge and the relationship gauge. This gauge grows when you interact with players and NPCs. Using emotes and being subject to emotes are the only ways of making your social gauge rising. All the parameters are described on emotes' effects.

Relationship gauge:

This sub-gauge is special because each player have a relationship gauge linked to each players/NPCs in the game, meaning that with each other players/NPCs comes a new relationship gauge. These gauges are visible in the character's profile panel. This gauge is impacted by the Social gauge, the mood gauge and in some cases on the knowledge gauge. From 100 to 0, it reflect the relationship you have with someone, this gauge is fixed and changes only when you interact with someone (no constant degeneration).

How is it made:
There are a lot of facts that interact with the relationship gauge, a the most important is the way you interact with the other character. Interactions between players are mostly made by using emotes.


Emotes replace Competences and spells in the competence bar that we can find in every MMORPGs. Thus the interface propose a "Competence bar" called "Social interaction Bar". In stead of finding Competences in it you find Emotes.
Emotes if you don't know are animations for characters to translate emotions.
Emotes, as competences in most of MMORPGs, have effects and impact on other players. Exactly as competences you have to select a target before clicking on the emote you want to activate.


Effects are different depending on the emote, but most of the time each emote propose at least 3 effects:

Relationship effect: A percentage that will have an impact on mutual relationship gauge.
Social gauge effect: A percentage that gives to you and/or your target a bonus to their social gauge.
Mood gauge effect: A percentage that gives to you and/or your target a bonus or a negative impact on their mood gauge.

NPCs interactions:

Emotes are also the new way of speaking and interact with NPCs. Clicking on them won't start a conversation, but targeting the NPC and saying "Hi!" will start it, opening new menus in the conversation can also be controlled by emotes. For example, the emote "Bargaining." opens the exchange panel. And "Thanks!" or "Bye!" closes the conversation.

List of Emotes:

Stop it!
How are you?
Forget it!
Come at me!
Let's go.
Follow me.
Need help?
No way!
(The list can be expand)

General / Re: Genesis: And the voice intensity control
« on: November 01, 2013, 07:46:50 am »

Not at all. The main story is about the birth of a galaxy, the birth of a complete world that players are gonna witness with time, from their birth till the end. There are 4 planets and each of them have a completely different scenario. You'll have more information on the scenario soon.

News / The team is growing!
« on: October 29, 2013, 06:22:31 pm »
Hi everyone,

We are happy to tell you that the team is growing and that some people are already working hard to show you amazing things soon.

We are really excited to share everything!

General / Genesis: And the voice intensity control
« on: October 29, 2013, 06:20:53 pm »
We wanted to give another dimension to communication in the game, something that sticks people together, more than a simple chat panel where you talk with everyone, even people you don't want to talk with in particular. Thus we came with marvelous idea of controlling the voice intensity of your character to simulate how loud you talk and who is gonna hear you.

Voice intensity control:

The voice intensity control is a gauge that allows players to control their character's voice intensity when they speak. This gauge has 5 main levels: Whisper, Soft talk, normal talk, Loud talk, Shout.
A white circle is drawn on the ground around the character from 1 meter to 30 meters diameter symbolizing the zone that covers your voice, determinating who is gonna hear you speaking. Levels are not fixed, they are scales:

0m to 1m: Whisper.
1m to 2m: Soft talk.
2m to 5m: Normal talk.
5m to 15m: Loud talk.
15m to 30m: Shout.

Thus, the gauge can be adjusted as your wish. You can choose the exact radius by clicking and scrolling (or just clicking) the Voice intensity control gauge and see the circle growing arround your character. The advantage of this system is that it avoid the creation of whisper, map, world, team channels.

General / Genesis: Brokku
« on: October 29, 2013, 06:15:33 pm »

Brokku is the home planet of Tahvinns. The planet was 1 year old before the Tahvinn appeared. It is originally believed by them that Brokku was created by one and unique God they call Vaa Nunn. The earliest known human life is recorded at -780SVNP(SiVaa Nunn Prrsta)(Before Vaan Nunn Returns). It is known that three other planets predate Brokku without counting what they call "Vaa Nunnsa kuun"(World of Vaa Nunn)


There is only one known continents on Brokku, this one is divided in three: SiVaa for the eastern part, Munnsa for the western and Mahvell the northern part. Between the SiVaa and Munnsa lies the Kuhnintaa(1). Most of the Tahvinns live in this ocean, Brokku's underwater landscape offering perfect plates to live. Brokku have an impressive panel of climates, SiVaa is full of vegetation, a giant jungle, arid and dry, temperatures varying between 35 and 70°C (95 to 158°), while Munnsa is terribly cold giant moutain, varying between -80°C and -42°C (-112 to -44°F). Mahvell is rocky and filled with valleys, rock building bridges above the water. The water is particularly cold: 2°C (35°F), but it is not a problem for Tahvinns. SiVaa is thin, more like a big Island, and Munnsa is a huge mountain of snow. The first city is built in the ocean between SiVaa and Munnsa.
Brokku is really big, it covers 40x40 miles. 

1) (The Deep offering): It is the only ocean of Brokku. Munnsa has a large number of caves in the cold mountain of KiVaa.


Vaa Nunn, by his hands, drew the landscapes, and the Kuhnintaa. After he created animals, insects and greens, and formed the continent. At the end of his creation, he created the first Tahvinn before going back to his world: Vaa Nunnsa kuun. Vaa Nunn let them the Vaa Nunnsa turmaa (Tahvinns' Bible) written on a stone, giving to the first Tahvinn named Ravinnse the ability of reading the stone to learn about him and life. Born in the water, Ravinnse survived with the help of god and created life from the tree of life by the power of Vaa Nunn. The player's story begins in -730 as the firsts Tahvinns on Brokku, born from the Tree of life by Ravinnse.

General / Genesis: Tahviins
« on: October 29, 2013, 06:13:37 pm »

More intelligent than all the other civilizations, Tahviins are from the planet Brokku. They have a real sens of collectivity and are not solitaire. Strong and smart they can adapt to every environment, able to endure extreme temperatures.


By human standards, Tahviins are tall, by about 40 centimeters taller. They look like humans with pale white and hairless skin. Their face, severe with large clear eyes, gives them a very neutral appearance and without apparent emotion. Their physical formation allows them a great adaptation to all environments, especially in aquatic environments. Indeed, they are amphibian type, and their skin is made of tiny white scales giving a natural reptilian look. Their body has the ability to find oxygen in every environment, they can automatically sort particles and molecules to take what they need. Thus, they are able to breathe underwater and adapt in every atmosphere. When it is dark, it is impossible to see clearly in the water, that's why motifs of blue lights are drawn on their skin just like light "tattoos" during the night and their eyes also shine, allowing them to illuminate their way. These motives are slightly visible during day time.
Tahviins have a lifespan of approximately 350 years.


Tahviins are peaceful and believe that everything can be solved by their intelligence and god. Indeed, all their mentality is based on a very strong belief in god's power. Not really talkative and mystical, they are described as "cold" by other civilizations. However, they are very curious about learning new things and feeding their intelligence. They hate problems, they have trouble facing them, but their ability of reading emotion on faces (1) allow them to prevent any conflicts, and their emotional stability helps them not losing their temper. Their evolution ability is, by far, the best among all the civilizations, they are surprisingly creative and handful. Tahviins are respectful of the laws and rules in general and cannot lie, that's why they are often considered as the most honest civilization of the galaxy.

1) Tahviins have the possibility the see players' mood gauge on the character's information when targeting.


One of the most important thing for a Tahviin is religion, they adore Vaa Nunn (God). They truly believe god's power, and know how helpful he is for them. They also believe in a life after death in another kingdom and reincarnation. Thus, the life of Tahviins is a wait before joining god, that's why death is an important moment and sometime on purpose. They have the ability of hearing god's words when they are in churches (1). They also truly believe that Vaa Nunn will return 780 years after his first visit. When the first Tahvinn arrived he found the "Vaa Nunnsa turmaa" (2) explaining what god did, teaching life to his creation. This first Tahvinn didn't know how to speak the Brohvenn but understood every single word, and that he was his creation and that he will return one day.

1) Brokku's god as the three others, can interact with churches to give benedictions, but, in addition he can send words and advises to a church that can be read by players entering that church.
2) Tahviins' Bible.


Tahvinns are the most organized civilization of the galaxy, they are not subject to dictatorship and have their own kind of government style: Organized anarchy. The length of a leaders' reign is six weeks because of their dating system organized differently, also because of their lifespan. They have their own social classes, almost all different from human's system, but still organized in four main categories (popular,middle,comfort,elite).


Tahviins speak the Brohvenn, a really serious sounding language that was invented as early as Brokku was created by god. This language is different from the Galactic language in many ways: His pronunciation and difficulty, even though it is far from being the most difficult language in the galaxy. All books you will find in libraries are written in Brohvenn (1)

1) A lot of language manuals will be at the disposition of players to learn if they want to. And the knowledge of this language will help the player during epic quests, where everything is indicated in the official language of the planet they are.

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